Monday, July 2, 2012

Assign Business Operations To The Cloud

Contract Pilots for Europe’s largest airline are using it, Home Help Caregivers in the HSE are using it, Contract Doctors and Physiotherapists are using it. It’s an innocuous App that is making working life easier for Payroll, HR and Accounts. It tracks hours worked, records personnel swaps in shifts, clocks over time, and logs expenses and incidentals. It adds transparency and accountability and is fast becoming the preferred system for both workers and management alike.

It has been developed by a young, exciting and progressive West of Ireland company, Armour Interactive and it is making Cloud Computing practical and accessible. The software is Ammotio, which simply means ‘Application’ in Latin.
Director Andrew Dewdney explains, “Ammotio is form/view based information aggregator. It allows software developers to quickly and easily build complex data structures, input forms and data importation maps. It allows for the creation of modules, which are groups of functions performed on certain structured data inputs to produce a report. At Ammotio's core is a user/ group permissions system. At its simplest, it allows users to be broken into 2 categories, admin users and portal users. Admin users can access the complete Ammotio system. They have access to detail on all portal users, and can generate system wide reports and import and input data across all users. Portal users can only view and edit data pertaining to them”.
Ammotio has taken many forms to suit various requirements, from simple image gallery CMSs, right through to fully fledged accountancy and payroll systems. An Ammotio based system was built for an accountancy firm based in Dublin, who specialise in providing Accountancy Solutions to contractors in order to maximise efficiency while at the same time reducing any administration burden.   Using their old methods, they couldn't process more than 300 pilots per month at current staffing levels.   Ammotio has automated much of their business, and now they expect to be able to handle up to 3000 contract workers per month. This has allowed them to manage payroll for contract Doctors, Pilots, physiotherapists and Engineers.
The Portal is available as an iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry native app, so users can upload their expenses, check their payslips and manage their working hours on the road (or in the air!)
The beauty of the Ammotio's content importer is that reports from almost any popular system can mapped to Ammotio's structure.  Examples include 3rd party Payroll systems like Thesaurus and Collsoft -exported data from these products can be combined with userdata in Ammotio. Customised and further itemised  payslips can then be generated.
A dedicated payroll module is currently being developed which dispenses with the need for separate systems. This will facilitate the import of users from ROS, and the entire automated processing of their payroll from there.
Dewdney says ‘The major advantage of using Ammotio in this case is that every employee has a login to the system, where they can access their payslips, upload their expenses for quick approval, access their P60s and generally remove the need for them to communicate with accounts staff.
Armour Interactive are also developing Ammotio to work with logistics and stock control. ‘The idea is that Ammotio will be the go-to application for accessing HR functions, while another module will communicate with eCommerce websites, taking account of stock and communicating this to warehouse personnel and back again. Stock control is about to get a whole lot easier as we roll out Ammotio to cover various functions and reduce admin time and human errors that occur while re-entering data from one system to another. Ammotio will facilitate and assist all areas of a business working together.”
For more information contact Armour Interactive on 091 420980

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