Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Your Marketing Plan For 2010


As we collectively breathe a sigh of relief that the dreaded 2009 is over, we can look forward to a 2010 where it's time to take control. If 2009 was a year of reactive knee-jerks then 2010 is a time for getting proactive.

If you already have committed your marketing plan to paper, discussed it with the team that will be involved in its implementation and set some measurable goals then well done, you're in the driving seat of 2010. If you have yet to build your marketing plan, we would strongly encourage you to do so.

You may think it is futile to make a plan in the midst of so much change and who knows what will be happening 12 months from now. But consider the fact that without a plan you are at the mercy of whatever comes along. You can only react to the marketplace. With a plan in place you can steer your company in the direction you have chosen, even if course adjustments need to be made along the way.

Assess how your business has changed

Ask yourself some questions to help develop your direction:
  • What are my main objectives for 2010?
  • What position does my brand hold in today's economy?
  • Is my current target market the same?
  • Are there new markets for my product/service?
  • What media avenues will best reach my target?
  • What message will adequately reflect the benefits of my product/service?

Recession has thrown business’ many curve balls in the last 12 months, so take the take to assess your business and clarify business objectives before embarking on creating your marketing plan. Share these findings with personnel so all your team feel involved and see how the picture has changed.

Plan some time away from your daily business activities to develop your marketing plan and call in professionals for some assistance once you know where it is you’d like the company to be at the end of the year.

Explore various marketing channels

Use multichannel marketing for maximum exposure and business growth. Marketing is more than a brochure, a press release or a website. It is the complete process of defining objectives, exploring the marketplace, finding an audience, creating a strategy and implementing that strategy with gusto. Using every available marketing channel will ensure you reach your target audience.

I encourage you to start on your marketing plan today. It doesn't need to be a fancy document, jot some notes down during your coffee break, think about it while waiting on your next appointment. It deserves serious thought and evaluation. Take the time to gain clarity and purpose for the year ahead.

Need inspiration?

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feeling Foggy? Head West

Looking to clear your head after an over-indulgent Christmas? Get to Westport for some clean air and brisk walks to get your cheeks rosey again.

Take in the breath taking scenery or, if you’re up to it, challenge yourself to a Croagh Patrick climb. From 11th January The Wyatt Hotel in Westport is offering an excellent value room-only rate from €49 for a double or €39 for single room.

The Wyatt Hotel, is a charming boutique style hotel, located at the Octagon in the very heart of Westport town. Steeped in history, the building is over 100 years old, combined with its character and charm make this hotel a very unique venue.

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