Sunday, February 20, 2011

Read Review of Cava in Weekend Magazine, 19 Feb

Weekend Magazine
19 Feb 2011

Well done all in Cava Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look Who's Talking Now!

Top 3 PR Tips for New Leader

Brian Cowen proudly declared he did not have a communications advisor. Instead, he rarely gave interviews, when he did speak it was often at ill-judged times, spoke incoherently and used phrases and political jargon that did not resonant with the general public. Communication was not his strong point and he choose to do it as little as possible.

1. Communicate Regularly. Golden Rule Number 1, that means the good, the bad and the ugly. Hold, at least, quarterly State Of The Nation press conferences where the public are informed of progress, or lack of, reasons and solutions. When there's a crisis or a developing situation address the public. If there is no absolute solution or strategies are being assessed, then tell them that.People trust people that are open and honest. No one has all the answers but everyone hates to feel ignored.

2. Who Are You Talking To? Be mindful of who you are talking to when being interviewed. While speaking to media you are speaking to the nation. We DO NOT want to hear opposition bashing, we DO NOT want to hear childish blaming or self indulgent back-patting. That's boring and irrelevant to us. We want to hear clear and simple answers and concrete reasons for decisions.

3. Keep Your Dignity and Respect the People. Keep a personal sense of dignity and act morally. If you do screw up, which invariably you will, have an Action Plan in place, address the situation immediately, be upfront, apologise and move on. DON'T look for weak excuses, DON'T lie, DON'T blame game (see Point 2) and DON'T ignore (see Point 1). People respect this.

Most business owners would know these basic rules of communication and basic emotional intelligence. Rules apply to addressing share holders, staff and clients.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Source Sligo Restaurant, Wine Bar and Cookery School - A Must Visit!

Source Sligo has recently opened on John Street, Sligo with instant praise from food lovers, wine buffs and cooking enthusiasts.

A three storey building in the heart of Sligo Town tastefully houses a large open- plan Restaurant on the Ground Floor, a subtle and relaxed wine bar on the First Floor and a state-of- the- art Cookery School on the Top Floor.

Each floor adheres to the Source philosophy of producing locally sourced quality food in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Indeed the interior reflects this ethos by combining elegance with a home-grown retro feel. Owners and operators Ray and Eileen Monahan believe that the concept of developing a Restaurant and Cookery School is also a testament to the quality of produce available in the Sligo area and promoting this produce is something that they are passionate about.

The Cookery School runs classes for fun, for knowledge and for education from the, “Can’t cook and won’t cook to those who are passionate about baking or those who may constitute the dinner party brigade. Eithne O’Sullivan the Cookery School Manager explains “the Come Dine with Me evenings are proving very popular as are the family-focused classes like One Pot Meals. We also run special private classes for groups of 12 or more and these can be tailor-made to suit any group from “Hens who would like to cook Mexican” to groups who would like to learn about cooking special meals i.e. for diabetics or those with special needs

Head Chef at the Restaurant, Gerard Reidy, is originally from Kerry and is renowned for his love of Irish food. He has spent many years cooking internationally and representing Ireland cooking for notable politicians and officials. His passion for good wholesome food is evident from the delectable menus and specials on offer each day.

After a day of eating, cooking and chatting, there’s only one last thing to try, the exclusive wine collection. Relax in the Wine Bar upstairs with background music provided by the in house pianist. Mull over the wine list which includes a range of 12 different wines from the owners vineyards in France. Then sit back and enjoy the views over Sligo town towards the tabletop mountain Benbulben.

Cooking Classes can be booked individually or as part of a course.

For more information call 071 9147605 or see

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The PR Source for Source Sligo

Those Two Girls PR are delighted to have be choosen as the PR company to work with and represent Source Sligo.

Source Sligo is an exciting new concept located in the heart of Sligo Town. A three-storey building lovingly decorated with vintage scananavian furniture an large images of local suppliers it consists of a ground floor Restaurant, a Wine Bar on the first floor and, with panoramic views, the cookery school on top.

The ethos at Source is to produce quality food using locally sourced produce. We can personally testify that this ethos is serving up yummy foods, the Pear and Gorgonzola salad with red wine vingarette is to die for. Yum, surprising Sligo indeed!

Watch this space for exciting info from Source Sligo. Website coming soon.