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Those Two Girls PR Win Pitman Training Ireland Contract

Those Two Girls PR, the largest PR agency in the West of Ireland, have been awarded the PR contract for Pitman Training Ireland. Pitman Training is the largest independent training network in Ireland and one of the world’s leading office skills and computer training organisations. Recently Pitman Training has reopened a branch of their highly successful global training organisation in Limerick – a move that will create five jobs in the city.

Derek Smith of Pitman Training Ireland tells of why Those Two Girls PR were selected to represent Pitman Training, “How to choose an excellent PR company? That question faced us for 2009 having undertaken a lot of research and tried various initiatives, none of which were particularly successful. Pitman Training are a franchised network in Ireland with 15 training centres, all offering computer training, IT up-skilling and, in today’s tough climate, our diploma training programmes play a big part in getting people into work. The training centres in Ireland are all owned by Irish entrepreneurs and Irish businesses who value the quality of the Pitman Training brand and the high quality training we provide to individuals and organisations alike.

As entrepreneurs, we are hard taskmasters and were seeking a PR relationship that was willing to work hard at understanding our customers, and Those Two Girls PR proved to me and the Irish Owners that they have the creativity and determination to get the right message across, especially during these challenging times. It was very important to Pitman Training in Ireland that the PR company had strength in depth and effective back-up if the account director was absent or unavailable. Those Two Girls PR are Galway-based, have 5 staff and a national record of achievement – that was just what we were looking for!”.

Pitman Training has been successfully providing training to both the corporate and private markets across Ireland for over 15 years. With more and more employers focused on specific business type qualifications and skills, Pitman Training provides internationally recognised business, legal and medical qualifications. Learning with Pitman Training is undertaken in a tutor-led classroom environment, or alternatively, using a flexible training model, individual students have a choice of days and times to train.

Olivia Collins, Managing Director of Those Two Girls PR comments, “In the current economic climate, up-skilling and retraining is an important topic especially for those looking for work or those interested in personal development. We are delighted to have Pitman Training on board and look forward to working with them in meeting their objectives and making their PR campaign a huge success”.

For more information on Pitman Training Ireland, log onto and Those Two Girls PR at

‘Art of Welding’ by Liam Butler Now Showing At Kenny’s Art Gallery

Liam Butler opened his exhibition ‘Art Of Welding’ in Kenny’s Art Gallery last Saturday to critical acclaim.

This is the fifth solo exhibition for the Galway-bases sculptor. He is a keen observer of nature, so plants, bushes, trees, flowers and bird feature strongly in his work. Many of his images are figurative and have a celebratory quality, seeming to dance, move and sing.

The art of direct metal sculpture, as opposed to metal casting, belongs essentially to modern times. Though some metal sculpting techniques were known to ancient man, they were employed mainly in craft work such as the hammering and beating of armour, and the carving and engraving of jewellery.

The discovery of oxyacetylene welding in 1895 brought many new possibilities and scope for sculptors, in scale and in technique. Many artists were quick to realize metal's positive qualities as a sculpting medium - it can be cut, welded, moulded, cast, polished or patinated, and it is very durable.

Any means of fusing metals is known as welding, and it is normally done by flame-welding using oxyacetylene. This is a combination of oxygen and acetylene, and is the most common source of energy for the heat. The welders torch, or flame is run along the two pieces to be joined until the metals melt and fuse.

It used to be regarded as an engineering process, but there is plenty of scope for creativity. Guided by imagination and inspiration, Liam plans a basic design and gradually builds it up. There is an elegant simplicity about some of his work, and in others he adds lots of decoration and adornment, giving us some wonderful colour effects and an amazing variety of forms. He obviously has great fun making these creations, and will surely enjoy the smiles they bring to the viewers of his.

Liam Butler is originally from Kilkenny and now lives and works in Galway. He is a welder by trade and worked abroad in Germany and America for many years before returning to Ireland. He now lives in County Galway where he has been creating metal shapes and forms for almost twenty years.

He is an outstanding craftsman who having mastered his materials, began to express himself artistically. He is a completely self-taught sculptor who works in welded steel, copper and bronze. In more recent times, he began to experiment with woodcarving.

His immediate environment inspired his debut solo exhibition which was held at The Kenny Gallery - birds, currachs, fishermen, farmers, musicians and dancers. His second exhibition at Kennys showed significant development as he portrayed the natural elegance of species of birds - godwits, herons, cranes, kingfishers etc. His third show - Taking a Leaf -continued that willingness to experiment, that growth in confidence with new subject matter as well as revisiting some of his old favourite ideas.

Liam has been showing at the Kenny Gallery for over ten years now. He has also had solo shows in the Jonathan Swift Gallery in Carrickfergus and in Whichcraft in Dublin, and taken part in group shows in An Damhlann - A Kenny Gallery, Co. Galway and in the Frank Lewis Gallery, Killarney.
The Art Of Welding Exhibition continues until May 15th. To view the entire collection go to

For Press Information of to arrange an interview contact:
Olivia Collins
Those Two Girls PR
Ph 087 8173800 / 091 385602

Topoix - Saves On Time, Saves On Cost

The award winning software product Topoix developed by Avaeon Solutions, a Galway-based software company, is proving a hit both at home and away. The product has secured a major new contract with US-based Safeway Insurance Group. The .NET-based framework claims to reduce development time, increase ease of maintenance and be highly scalable.

The new contract with Safeway Insurance Group will see the Avaeon Solutions provide Topoix along with a custom turnkey solution to automate policy lifecycle functions for Safeway’s entry into the homeowner insurance market. The system offers Safeway’s 450 insurance professionals and 2,000 independent producers with an industry-leading system to service more than 250,000 policyholders. The system will manage all aspects of the policy lifecycle, including automated underwriting, rating, policy issuance, policy change and a multitude of additional functions, including regulatory compliance, as well as electronic interfaces to over thirty external systems ranging from comparative raters, banks, fraud detection systems and law enforcement.

Safeway selected Avaeon’s award-winning application framework, Topoix, for its robust architecture which dramatically reduces source code and application development time. This framework efficiency will result in major cost savings for Safeway and provide a highly scalable solution for the future.

Avaeon’s managing director; Anthony Derham noted that in addition to providing a feature-rich application, Safeway needed a solution that is highly scalable, secure, and available 24/7/365. “Unless otherwise planned, the currently deployed Topoix applications for Safeway’s automobile insurance have been consistently available since first deployed more than two years ago. This uptime availability was a significant factor in Safeway’s decision to select Topoix as the platform-of-choice for this strategically important project. We are looking forward to assisting Safeway in moving into new markets and continuing to build our solutions to become market leaders.”

The much reduced code base used in Topoix results in an application that is easier to maintain ensuring a reduced TCO through the application lifetime. Donna Jonynas, Safeway’s Chief Information Officer, said, “Avaeon Solutions have provided us with a combined application that will have a much smaller code base than a traditional approach and thereby shortens the development time. Even with two relatively dissimilar insurance products of automobile and homeowner insurance, there is a significant amount of business rule reuse. Avaeon’s solution will produce significant savings beyond the initial deployment.”
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Short Biog on Avaeon Solutions Managing Director, Anthony Derham:
Anthony is a native of Loughrea, Co. Galway. He is a GMIT Graduate of Information Technology. Anthony Derham started his career, at Celtic International at their Galway office in 1989, the following year he moved to their Group headquarters in New York. He spent 5 years there where he headed up the Information Technology Group for their consumer products division.

He was appointed board director in 1994. On returning to Ireland in 1995 he joined ‘Direct Marketing Technologies Limited’ where his main focus was the US market. He founded Avaeon Solutions in July 2001. With responsibilities as Managing Director he is also heavily involved in the client management of Avaeon’s US customers; he travels there on a regular basis.
For further information please contact:
Olivia Collins, MPRCA MPRII
Tel: 091 38 56 00
Direct: 091 38 56 02
Mobile: 087 8173800

PC Basics Skills Course for Unemployed

Pitman Training Ireland announced today that training centres across the country are offering free PC Basics Course for people who have been made redundant.
Mike Stewart of Pitman Training Dublin, said “It is crucial that we get people retrained and back into the work force. We have recognised that there are many people how may have spent years working in semi skilled positions such as factories etc that did not have any exposure to computers at work or in school. By offering this course in basic computer skills it will give encouragement to people who may feel they have little to offer or are at a loss as to where to start.”
The PC Basics Course is available to a limited number of students per month. Students are advised to contact their nearest Pitman Training Centre for details. There are fourteen Pitman Training Centres across the country.
Log on to for more details.

More Details on Course: PC Basics
Designed for:
Those who have never used a computer
To teach new users the basics of using a computer
Course Content
• Lesson One: Types of computer hardware, components of the system unit, using the mouse to open and close menus, using the mouse to open and play a game stored on the computer, different types of printers, shutting down the computer.
• Lesson Two: Loading the Microsoft Word software program, opening an existing Word document, editing and printing a Word document, loading the Microsoft Excel program, editing data in Excel, understanding the structure of a database and sorting information, what the different software applications are used for.
• Lesson Three: Understanding the principles of storing documents in files and folders, opening a document stored in a sub folder, using My Computer to organise files, creating a new folder, moving a file, copying a file, renaming a file, deleting a file, creating a new document in Word, saving a new document, the importance of backing up.
• Lesson Four: Using Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet, using a web address to locate a web site, understanding the importance of security on the Internet, using Outlook Express to compose messages, different types of connectors, how a digital camera can be used with a PC.
• Learn the basic principles of using a computer
• The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace
• A personalised workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course
• The opportunity to gain a widely recognised qualification, a Pitman Training Certificate
Course duration:
6 - 8 hours

More Details on Pitman Training:
More Info on Pitman Training:
The history of Pitman Training goes back to the 19th century when Sir Isaac Pitman established Pitman Colleges providing office skills training, but then the courses were always for men! Pitman Training have come a long way since then and the first Pitman Training Centre in Ireland opened in Dublin in 1994, offering computer training courses.
By 2008 the network of training locations in Ireland had grown to 14 ensuring many more learners could gain local access to learning and qualifications recognised by employers throughout the country.
Pitman Training are considered the computer training experts in Ireland and offer the biggest range of computer courses and vocational training modules to ensure careers gets off to a flying start.
They are renowned as experts for typing training and shorthand, as well as Computerised Accounts, Book-keeping courses and Secretarial Training. This includes Legal Secretarial training courses, Medical Secretarial training courses and Exec PA for those wishing to achieve a top level qualification. At many centres students can even choose online study and distance learning options to complete thier Pitman Training Diploma.
Diploma Courses Available at Pitman Training:
Advanced Accounts Diploma
Business IT Diploma
Business IT Diploma with HR
Business IT Diploma with Marketing and PR
Business IT Diploma with Web Design
ECDL Studies Diploma
Executive PA Diploma
Executive Plus Diploma
Fast-Track Microsoft Skills Diploma
Foundation in Finance Diploma
Introduction to Office Skills Diploma
Legal Secretarial Diploma
Medical Secretarial Diploma
Microsoft Office Plus Diploma
Receptionist Diploma
Secretarial Diploma
Training Courses:
Access 2000 Proficient
Access 2003 Proficient
Audio Transcription Level 1
Audio Transcription Level 2
Basic Book-keeping
Business Document Production
Communication at Work
Create, Manage and Integrate Files
Dreamweaver 4.0 Advanced
Dreamweaver 4.0 Introduction
Dreamweaver v8
ECDL: v4 CD-ROM Learner Pack
Effective Business Communication
Excel 2000 Expert
Excel 2000 Proficient

Cancer Care West Residence Celebrates 2 Years of Service

Inis Aoibhinn, Cancer Care West’s Residence and Cancer Support Centre, celebrates its second year this month. Since the new facility opened in 2007, Inis Aoibhinn has provided accommodation and support to over five hundred patients receiving treatment for cancer.

The Inis Aoibhinn residence was established to meet the needs of patients receiving radiotherapy treatments. Before the opening of Inis Aoibhinn in spring 2007, patients, who had already suffered the trauma and psychological effects of a diagnosis of cancer, were obliged to travel to UCHG for an average of six weeks on a daily basis. This posed a massive burden on patients living in Donegal, Roscommon, Sligo, Mayo and other parts of The West. Today The Cancer Care West Residence provides those patients with an alternative to the daily commute to UCHG or having to overnight in a local B&B. The staff of twenty professionals including two psychologists and five nurses provide support, complementary therapies and psychological services.

Inis Aoibhinn comprises thirty en-suite bedrooms and has facilities for a patient’s partner or guest to share. It also provides a library, television room and dining facilities for the residents use. Inis Aoibhinn enables patients to have privacy and independence while hospital and medical services are available close at hand. Patients are encouraged to regard Inis Aoibhinn as their home away from home during their stay.

The Residence has also provided patients with additional support services such as psychological counselling, relaxation therapies, stress management and therapeutic massage. Earlier this year an announcement was made of a new facility on Seamus Quirke Road which will now house these support services, allowing Inis Aoibhinn to become exclusively available for residential use.

Richard Flaherty, CEO of Cancer Care West comments “We are delighted to be celebrating two years of service. As a not-for-profit organization, Cancer Care West relies on the generosity of others to keep the facility running. We would like to thank those who have assisted us since Inis Aoibhinn opened its doors in 2007”.

Bernard Collins, Chairman of Cancer Care West said ‘The services provided by Cancer Care West are crucial to assisting those who are receiving treatment for Cancer and those affected in anyway by the disease. Inis Aoibhinn has proved to be an essential aid for those recuperating from treatment. The facility, along with the outreach programmes and upcoming Cancer Support Services Centre, aims to provide the maximum amount of Cancer support services for our patients and their families. Cancer Care West will continue to strive in providing assistance to all those affected by the disease”.

For more information on Inis Aoibhinn and Cancer Care West please log on to

Snoring: Bad for Health, Bad for Relationships

In these stressful times, a good night's sleep has become especially valuable, and increasingly difficult to get. Snoring and sleep apnoea (a medical problem where the airway collapses during sleep) deprive people and their unfortunate bed partners of the rest they need to face their daily challenges.

Habitual snoring is estimated in about 40% of adult men and in about 24% of adult women, and approximately 150,000 to 200,000 Irish people suffer from the condition. Of these, only at the very most 5% have been diagnosed and treated.

Dr. John O’Brien, a dentist for over 30 years, is an Irish specialist in the management of sleep apnoea. He comments, “Living with a snorer can strain even the most dedicated relationship leading to dissension and in some cases has been cited as grounds for divorce. If you are kept awake night after night by a bed partner's snoring you are not getting the sleep you need. Inadequate sleep can lead to irritability, muddled thinking, illness, poor performance at work and drowsiness whilst driving with the obvious danger this may give rise to.

A recent study pointed out that 80% of snoring couples slept apart. The effect of snoring and sleep apnoea can raise blood pressure in direct relation to the extent of the problem. High blood pressure is a known risk factor for stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and dementia”.

Patients with a snoring problem need to be assessed for sleep apnoea. Patients can then be provided with a removable small, comfortable, custom-made dental mouthpieces that hold the lower jaw in a forward position have been proven to support the airway to prevent collapse, and have been approved as a primary treatment in snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea. These dental appliances, which on average take 1-2 weeks to acclimatise to, are extremely successful in eliminating snoring.

Previously, patients have been treated using a system known as CPAP, a continuous positive air pressure applied through a nasal mask which many patients find uncomfortable, bulky and inconvenient. Dental mouthpieces have been approved as the comfortable, transportable, convenient alternative to CPAP for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnoea. and also in patients who cannot tolerate c-pap treatment of sleep apnoea. These oral appliances also control primary snoring.

Dr. O’Brien specialises in the treatment and provision of appliances to eliminate snoring. Holding nationwide clinics, Dr. O'Brien practises in Leeson Street, Dublin 4, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Portlaoise and the Galway Clinic.
For further information or to book an appointment in Dr. O’Brien’s clinics, call 01 668 0599.
Dr. John O Brien is available for interview.
For further press information:
Maeve Berry, Those Two Girls PR at or on 091 385600.

About Dr John O’Brien:
A dentist for over 30 years, Dr. John O’Brien became interested in the management of sleep apnoea and snoring whilst completing a post-graduate program in the management of Facial Pain and Headache in Los Angeles between 1999 and 2002. At the time, Dr. O’Brien was fortunate to work under the supervision of Dr. Glenn Clark at UCLA who was responsible for one of the first appliances developed for snoring management and is considered one of the foremost dental experts world-wide in the management of these conditions.

Dr. O'Brien returned to Ireland in 2002 upon completion of his studies and set up a specialist practice for Facial pain and Headache management. He soon realised that although sleep apnoea was well catered for by specialist doctors, snoring was to an extent being ignored with all patients regardless of their condition being offered c-pap with little or no alternative such as dental devices being offered. He quickly became involved with the medical profession in providing help for those who had a simple snoring problem and also those who had snoring with a moderate level of sleep apnoea. There are people with more severe levels of sleep apnoea for whom conventional medical treatment with c-pap had not proved to be a viable option and who previously were considered to have no options, but it is now known that many of this group may do very well with dental appliances.

Patients with a snoring problem need to be assessed for sleep apnoea and suitable patients can then be provided with a removable custom-made dental appliance which on average takes 1-2 weeks to acclimatise to and is extremely successful in eliminating snoring.
Dr. O'Brien practises in Leeson Street, Dublin 4, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Portlaoise and the Galway Clinic.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free PC Skills Course For Unemployed

PC Basics Skills Course for Unemployed

Pitman Training Ireland announced today that training centres across the country are offering free PC Basics Course for people who have been made redundant.

Mike Stewart of Pitman Training Dublin, said “It is crucial that we get people retrained and back into the work force. We have recognised that there are many people how may have spent years working in semi skilled positions such as factories etc that did not have any exposure to computers at work or in school. By offering this course in basic computer skills it will give encouragement to people who may feel they have little to offer or are at a loss as to where to start.”

The PC Basics Course is available to a limited number of students per month. Students are advised to contact their nearest Pitman Training Centre for details.

Log on to for more details.